Monday 11 August 2014

Shoe makeover

First of all, here is what you will need for this little shoe makeover:
 - the shoes off course!
 - a scissor (or a sharp knife)
 - black/grey acrylic paint
 - a paint brush
 - some water

After trying theese shoes, that I got from my friend, I had to admit that leopard just wasn't my style. So my original plan was to paint them all black, but since the shoes are made of suede, I tried to prevent them from getting hard by painting them with acrylic paint mixed up with water. This gave a completely different look, but I actually really liked that you could still see the leopard print in a more sofisticated way.

1. So to get this look, you just have to soak your paintbrush in the water, put a little bit af paint on it, and rub/blend/paint it on both shoes. When you have done this, they should look like this:
(depending on how dark you want them, you can just add more paint/put less water on your brush)

 2. There were just one too many strips on the shoe, so I decided to cut some of them off asymmetrcally. After you have cut some of the strips off, it's a good idea to take a black marker and draw on the parts that now are visible because you cut the strips off. And then you are done!

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