The designer

I am Lili, an 18 year old girl from Copenhagen.
(in Denmark, if you were wondering)

I love being creative and one day I dream of starting my own fashion company called the same thing as this blog - Soulili!
But until then, I am doing everything creative and fashionable.
I sew, draw, take awesome photos and do all sorts of DIY projects.

I really hope to inspire you, by sharing my projects and all the things that I get inspired by!

contact: soulilidk@gmail.com

The streetstylers

This is my fellow bloggers - the streetstylers.
 In real life, they are called Emilie and Paul, 
and they are a super sweet danish+french couple.

They both have an awesome and unique style, 
and since they also like to take outfit photos on cool locations,
they are the perfect ones to run the street style section.

They love sneakers a lot, which you can see by looking
in their closet, or at the shoe box wall that Emilie
is struggling to make.

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