Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Welcome to the streetstylers!

This blog post is all about my new fellow bloggers, who will be taking care of the street-style section. Even though my favorite blogs are DIY blogs, I'm also a huge fan of fashion blogs, that are filled with awesome and experimental outfits.

So I have teamed up with Emilie and Paul, a super sweet couple with a really nice style, that best are described as... wait, why not let them describe it themselves?

A short interview with the couple Emilie and Paul:

How would you describe your style?
E - I would describe me style as casual. 
P - Urban style

What is your favorite fashion item? 
E - Definitely sneakers!! 
P - My favorites are caps and sneakers

Who is your fashion icon? 
E - I don't really have a fashion icon. I get inspired by the people at the street
P - It is Pharrel Williams

And here are a little taster of the streetstyler section

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