Saturday, 1 March 2014

DIY - Slave bracelet

Sometimes I find something special on the street, just like that... A long time ago I found this beautiful pendant, and today I found out what I was going to use it to.

I haven been looking at these slave bracelets for a long time, and even though I like simple, I thought that just making it with chain would be a bit boring. But then I thought of the pendant, and it was perfect as a beautiful detail.

To make this slave bracelet (or one that looks like it) you'll need:

 - chain
 - a pendant (with holes so you can add 3 jump rings to it)
 - 6 jumprings
 - plyers
 - lobster clasps (I think they are called that, but it's what closes the bracelet)
 - (I used nail polish to put on the pendant, because a stone was missing)

When you got what you need, you just have to cut the chain into 4 pieces.

The first one goes around your middle finger and are connected with a jump ring. 

The second one is then added to the jumping that connected the finger chain, and then you add it to a jump ring that are connected with the pendant, in the other end. 

Then you add a chain to each side of the pendant, and finally you add a lobster clasps to one of the bracelet chains, and a jump ring to the other, and then you're done!

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