Saturday, 14 June 2014

DIY - recipe book

My sister has been interested in healthy food for a long time, which now has resulted in a blog - basicallyfruitytarian. The blog consists of recipes of healthy, but still very delicious, meals that I am so lucky to taste almost every day. I especially can't get enough of the banana bread :-)
A while ago she bought a simple journal where she could write all of her genius recipes down. But the journal looked so boring, that I had to spice it up a bit:

What you will need:
 - some magazines with cool pictures, that are relevant to your journal
 - cardboard
 - the journal itself

Since it's a recipe book, it's a good idea to buy a journal with a plastic "cover", so the beautiful front-page you make won't be messed up by tomato sauce.

Cut out the pictures you choose, and remember to have both big and small pictures.

Cut out the letters, that are going to spell the name of your journal, and draw along the edges of the letters with a marker. This makes them seem more finished.

Now you just have to glue the pictures an the letters to the cover of the journal. You can experiment with the layout as much as you want to, but remember to use the larger pictures as a base.
And then you're done :-)

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