Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Here we go!

Now is the time to get this blog starting!

But let's start with the beginning of this blog. It all started with a school assignment where we had to make a blog. I got a hang of it, and then I wanted to make a real blog. Since I have school, football and a lot of other things to do, I had to make a blog cooperation. 
Sofia and I then started a blog on, but it drove me crazy because the pictures you put in would look all greasy. And right before the new year I found the perfect webpage for our blog (I thought) - It turns out that you can only put one picture per blogpost, and even though I have pressed the publish button at least a hundred times, the site isn't published yet.
So now we are trying out for the fourth and hopefully last time, so welcome to our blog!

The day after new years eve, I drew this fashion illustration of a new years eve dress, and I even drew a fancy little new year hat. Of course it was suppose to be posted on the new blog right after new years eve, but now it just has to be posted in the end of january instead :-)

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